Kids Bribe Teachers for Good Grades


By Sophia L

Be aware teachers: what seems like a genuine present may actually be a form of bribery. As Christmas is approaching, students who are hoping to get high marks take this opportunity to secretly bribe their teachers. Those who are looking for a positive jump in their grades operate chocolate trafficking in secret. Or so they think. This is one of the exploited undercover interactions, revealed by a student who wishes to remain anonymous in order to protect her identity:

Today, during one of Mrs. Sullivan’s exceedingly important explanations on stellular velocity, Bjorn (a student) decided to commence a chocolate distribution. Mrs. Sullivan, who was clearly annoyed and agitated by this rude interruption (and her students’ “2-days-before-winter-break” behaviour in general), exclaims, “I am trying to teach a class here!” Christopher (another student), not wanting to have his grades negatively impacted because of this disruption, urgently whispers, “I’ll give you some chocolate, (Mrs. Sullivan)!” which was heard by at least half the class.

bribery chocolate

bribery chocolate

Furthermore, when a student went to Mrs. Sullivan’s desk to borrow the stapler, she had trouble finding it as it was buried under mounds of expensive chocolate. This chocolate may have been presented to the teacher with motives other than a “nice Christmas present.” Kyle, a student in Mrs. Sullivan’s Science 9 class, claimed, “No, I didn’t give (Mrs. Sullivan) chocolates because I didn’t feel like there was a special bond between us. But now that (it’s) mentioned, I probably should; I only have around 85 percent in science.” In this simply phrased sentence, you can clearly sense the hidden meaning. In other words, what Kyle really means is: “I only have 85 percent right now. Perhaps if I give Mrs. Sullivan chocolates, I can get a higher percentage on my report card.” It’s not just Kyle, but numerous other students are following this bribery scheme, sucking up to teachers in order to receive good grades. “It’s a win-win deal! I mean some teachers have a sweet- tooth, and I need a better mark on my assignments. It all works out just fine.” Oh, Westmount the gifted way…

*Editors note: Some quotes may have been taken out of context


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