Canada’s Fears for the Future

By Purnoor T.

A recent survey conducted by Environics suggests many Canadians are worried about the environmental impacts that future generations will experience. This poll of 2020 people reveals approximately 50 percent of the respondents are either “extremely” or “definitely” concerned about climate change and 78 percent of those are worried how it factors in with future generations of Canadians.

Environics Institute for Survey Research, a Canadian, non-profit polling and market research firm, paired with the David Suzuki Foundation, helped to fund this research to determine the impacts of the regarding environmental impacts that we face every day.

Among the findings, Environics discovered that citizens have an increasing awareness and acceptance of climate change; 63 percent believe in the presence of climate change in 2014, compared to the 60 percent last year. One in ten Canadians remain sceptical about the persistence of our changing climate.

Public opinion plays a major role in the conduction and implementation of certain policies, which creates the connection between the populace and the government. Keith Neuman, the executive director of Environics suggests, “It’s clear that Canadians want their government to do more, but they may not be judging it that harshly because they don’t know or appreciate what has been done elsewhere.”

There have been several environmental debates occurring globally about several issues including climate change. Canada has been critiqued severely about its lack of action taken to reduce emissions from the petroleum industry, but citizens have evidently raised their concerns for this matter.

The survey shows that 34 percent of the participants think Canada’s performance is better than many of the other countries, 32 percent believe it’s about the same, and the remaining believe it is worse. Neuman went on to say that “There are lots of things that happen in Ottawa and seem to be significant events but have surprisingly little impact on public opinion”.

Canadians have spoken, but what is your opinion regarding climate change?


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