Your Monthly Horoscope

By: Ziana V.

Thursday, December 18, 2014 

Sagittarius (November 22- December 21)

You’ve always had a certain outlook on people you didn’t know but now it’s time you try and see things differently. Try to engage with different people so that you learn about new perspectives and you are better able to enhance your own.

Capricorn (December 22- January 21)

What are you so worried about? Why are you always stressed? You are on top of your life and your goals so you need to take time out for your personal life instead of always worrying about your work life. Try your best to remain calm under all circumstances.

Aquarius (January 22- February 21)

There’s no reason for you to want to hide your talent. You have amazing ideas that people will like and follow you are admired and appreciated wherever you may go. Remember to have faith in yourself and your dreams.

Pisces (February 22- March 21)

Try to spend sometime by yourself. Being around other people all the time can be exhausting so you should treat yourself. Get to know you better and work on yourself for a while. Try to be a little more distant.

Aries (March 22- April 21)

You know exactly who you are. You are brave and independent but do you understand how other people feel. It’s time that you start to think about others too and see how they feel. You’re not the only person on this planet.

Taurus (April 22- May 21)

Sometimes you can come on too strong. You may want to try holding back your emotions and work on how you can show a different side of you to people you may not know as well. Let them get to know you.

Gemini (May 22- June 21)

Stop trying to show people a different side of you, be yourself. You have lots to be proud of and you need to remember that. You are fierce and you are talented and let people see that. Don’t fool them with your persona.

Cancer (June 22- July 21)

You need to let people know that you’ve moved on. Stop trying to hold on to the past and try to forget about what happened. You have the strength to get over it so stay with people closest to you.

Leo (July 22- August 21)

Sometimes you can come off as cocky and you need to work on how you portray yourself. People think that you’re too dominating but show them the positive side of you. You have lots to offer.

Virgo (August 22- September 21)

Everything that you need to accomplish will be done this week. All the tasks at hand will be done and that too effortlessly. Relax and try to take it the world around you because you have nothing to worry about for the time being.

Libra (September 22- October 21)

Go after what you want out of life. If you want to travel the world go ahead and do it. You have nothing to be afraid of because you know what you want. Embrace your adventurous personality and live up to it.

Scorpio (October 22- November 21)

Try to listen to someone else’s ideas for some time and then try to encorporate that into your own life. You have great ideas but other people do as well. Learn to be more cooperative and you will succeed.






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