Get Your Christmas On!



Japjeet D.

Who needs to go see fireworks and fancy light shows when you have one right next door? On the Robert-Pilon Street in the Gatineau neighborhood of Aylmer, residents only need to glance over at Gilles Bernier and Mindy Do’s house to remind them that it’s that time on the year to spread Christmas cheer again.

Lights are glimmering on this house from head to toe with the garage, windows, trees, and roof covered in 30,000 lights. Their wonderful decorations around their house took longer than most would expect to put together. Making this dazzling display possible took around six months to fully complete. Creating this scene took nearly 4 months to prepare, and another two months to install, with the help of a software engineer. Some neighbors are not very pleased with this bright display to be up. It illuminates too much light making it hard for nearby neighbors to fall asleep. The couple claims that even though there are some flaws to their light display like having to pay an extra one hundred to one hundred fifty dollars for the month, the couple is sure that it is worth the trouble. They both get joy from seeing parents and children’s faces light up with wonder as they pass by and see this eye catching display before them. Some couples also come here and dance for minutes, or even hours. With these bright and festive decorations, and lovely music in the background who can forget their holiday spirit this season?






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