Calgary and Australia Share Terrors and Fears

Aaron W.

**This was written on December 3rd 2014, on December 16th 2014 a coffee shop in Australia took heavy fire from what is presumed to be a terrorist attack. We give our condolences to the families of loss and hope that there will be a hard stop to this act of terrorism.**

A new law is added by the Australian Prime-Minister Tony Abbott that Australian citizens will not be allowed into Syria’s Islamic state. This is because Australia has been struck again with the tragic murders of Royal Canadian Air Forces (RCAF) Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent and Army Corporal Nathan Cirillo. Australia shines a light across the globe to Canada, and compare their experiences.

Australia give their sympathy and condolences to the shooting in Parliament Hill last week, and with the question of whether the situation would happen on home soil, had tightened their security around Australian parliament in an act to combat terrorism including “… more than 500 agencies to keep much closer tabs on terrorists and potential terrorists.”

By the end of 2012, Australia has around 100 citizens who were confirmed to have some relation with radical groups. Right now Australia have checked on 90 citizens who may perhaps become a threat to national security. Around 30 of them have been captured and returned home since then, and now the population of Australians in Syria has increased to 200. Several of these people are suspected to hold senior posts in groups like ISIL or ISIS.

A shared fear of both Canadians and Australians are the uses of social media as platforms to demonstrate Jihadist “culture”. A major threat is Khaled Sharrouf. The 33-year old Australian uses social medias like Twitter and Facebook to post disturbing pictures revolving around children becoming Jihadist candidates, which caught the eye of the news industry. Sharrouf has already been charged with potential construction of bombs, as he is caught buying 6 clocks and 140 batteries, he serves 47 months in jail.

This November he escapes Australia and goes back to Syria with his wife and children, continuing to go back to his old ways.

Canada and Australia are trying to solve these problems of abusing social media and “scrambling to catch up to the unprecedented challenge posed by homegrown terrorists.” Australia is taking control of not only cell phone communications, but intercept computer information and kept metadata. They hoped to prevent terrorists before they attack.

Jihadists from both Canada and Australia are intent on becoming part of one large family that all share the same backgrounds.

So what do you guys think about the situation? What are better ways of stopping the Jihadist people? Should Khaled Sharrouf be captured and executed? Let us know in the comment section below!



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