How early is too early for Christmas Decor?

Beautiful Christmas lights display.

Christopher V.

Christmas decorations. Many people dread the thought of putting them up, however many more enjoy the warm glow of the colorful lights and green holly wreaths. Some people may decide to put up their decorations early, when it is warmer, or in Canada’s case, just a little bit less frigid. But how early is too early to put up “Ol’ Frosty” and the house lights? For some, even November is unacceptable. Some people, in this case Americans, apparently find November too early to put up decorations, unless it is after American Thanksgiving; November 27th. One individual, Judson Owens stated that “ I have seen a few houses already with some decorations up on my street, but I would say before Thanksgiving is usually early, at least around here. After Black Friday, the day after thanksgiving, is when people really start to decorate.” Another, Margo Bruhn, simply exclaimed “Any time before or on thanksgiving is ok with me.” But this might make one think, does the opinion differ when one looks at Canadians? Out Thanksgiving is different, so this mean that we may be in the Christmas season earlier, with more time after Thanksgiving. However, It appears to be nearly the opposite, at least for some local Calgarians. One person divulged that their views were more suited to respect than anything. “I think it’s disrespectful to have decorations up too close to remembrance day. Afterwards, it’s ok.” Someone else proclaimed, “December 1st is the day to do it. Before that, it’s a bit annoying.” As we can see, everyone seems to have their own opinion about the topic, although everyone seems to like decorating for the Holiday spirit. When will you be putting up the decorations? An estimated 15 Billion dollars is spent on Christmas decorations each year in North America. So what are some of the most popular items to “Christmas” up your home with? Well, the most purchased items for Christmas, statistics gathered by include candles, garlands, roping, swags (holly bundles), ribbons, and poinsettas. Aside from decorations, however, is the issue of the tree. Artificial or real? Well apparently, many folks like a real tree over the fake stuff. The most popular varieties of trees include mostly fir and pine trees, like the Balsam fir and the Scotch pine. There is so much variety to be seen during the holidays, it’s a truly magical time. Have a Merry Christmas, and to all a good night.


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