Forever Not Out; The Man Who Died On The Field

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An idol for all Australian fans, and an icon for the game around the world, 25 year old Phil Hughes will never take the field again

By: Areeb. A

“Sean Abbott to Phil Hughes. It’s a faster ball, and ohhhh. Phil Hughes has not ducked in time and this has hit him right in the head. And he’s down. He is down. That may just be end of his stay at the crease.”   When it all started, no one thought of it as more than a small injury but soon enough the man was being carried to the hospital and 23 hours later came the heart breaking news of his death. He had been playing wonderfully so far for his domestic team, Southern Australia, not out on 63 when he took the ball to the head. The game was therefore suspended and as he was taken to the hospital the match was abandoned.   In the 23 hours between the injury and his death, Phil Hughes was induced into a coma to ease the pain, and when he passed, national team coach, Darren Lehmann announced that the Australian was not in pain when he passed. He was visited by several of his South Australia and Australian National teammates over the course of the day such as Australia captain Michael Clarke, Peter Siddle and Mitchell Johnson, as well as former greats including the legendary Glenn McGrath and Simon Katich.   Pakistan and New Zealand were supposed to begin the second of five days in their third match of the New Zealand tour of the Emirates. Upon the news of his death PCB chairman Sharyar Khan said that the game would be extended by a day and in return this day would be moved a day ahead. As the Pakistani’s took the field the next morning they layed out their bats as part of the #putoutyourbats campaign to honor Phil’s life and his love of the game. Team New Zealand came out with the letter PH written under their flag on every player jersey as a sign of respect.   India were supposed to begin their tour of Australia in the following week but the Australian players are still in shock, so it’s very possible that the series will be delayed. “We are doing everything we can to help the players get back on their feet because this was not an easy thing to deal with it”.  Australia’s whole cricket foundation was in shock and out of respect all the domestic matches for this week were abandoned in respect.   Players, legends, coaches, and cricket teams took to Twitter to show their respects to Phil, and it’s moments like these when you see that they all may play on different teams and for different nations but this game is an international game and it’s a community. The Australian team has retired Phil Hughes number 64 and are considering retiring 63 as well, for it was the score he was batting at when he took the hit.   In addition, he received condolences from football clubs such as Arsenal and the whole nation of Australia went into mourning for the vice captain of Australia. Flags around the country, as well as Aussie flags in other countries were being flow at half mast out of respect for the man. Coaches and captains from all over have made speeches wishing the family of Phil well. “It was just not a day for cricket. It was a day for mourning”.   Sean Abbott, the man who threw the bouncer that hit Hughes in the head eventually ending his life, has been under a lot of stress since then but around the world support was coming in for him as well, for him not to blame himself, because the rarity of the occurrence could only be the worst of luck.   To conclude, the immortal sentiment of his, courtesy of his father; “He loved cricket more than anything, more than his family and even more than his own life” Phil Hughes. 63 forever not out.


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