A Trip You’d Rather Forget

By: Areeb. A

Greg Heffley is back at it again, as the Heffley family goes on a summer road trip where you know something is going to go wrong. A collection of the trip as well as some of Greg’s memories makes for one interesting story.


To summarize the story, Greg’s mother feels it’s time for a real trip as oppose to the usual visit to grandma’s house, and so the family heads out. Along the way they run into many roadblocks, such as Manny’s sleeping problems or a pig. No spoilers!


In the earlier parts of the series, the books would extend out over longer periods of time and that made for a strong storyline, whereas this book is repetative on the same few points through all 217 pages. Sometimes focusing on the same few point can be a good thing because they reiterate the importance of those to the story, but the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid series has always been about humor and not life-lessons, and unfortunately I feel that author Jeff Kinney missed out on that this time.


Another part of the story which was weak was the lack of Rowley. Over the last few books the importance of fan favourite Rowley has diminished, but at the end of book eight Rowley fans had something to cheer for as him and Greg kinda got back together as friends. Unfortunately, he didn’t appear once in this book and his name was brought on occasion, but he was left out of the story. We all know that Greg can’t be Greg without Rowley.


Not only was the story repetative of itself, it was also quite a repatition of the other stories. For example, there was an overcrowded pool, much like in “The Last Straw”, as well as our hero being mocked for not wearing a bathing suit, also in “The Last Straw”. The old folks home was brought up, reminiscent of “Rodrick Rules”. Mr. Kinney, had a year to get this done and to be honest, he could have been more original.


My least favorite part of the book was the absence of fighting between the brothers. Rodrick and Greg have never gotten along, but in this book it’s like they were absolutely fine with each other, and Manny didn’t pretentiously try to tick off either brother which was far out of character. The brothers all got character development but it wasn’t actually capitalized on in the latest installments of the series.


Overall, unless you’re a diehard Wimpy Kid fan, this is one read you could do without.


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