Westmount Fall Concert

By: Ziana V.

Westmount bands from grades 7-12 came together in this celebration of learning and music. Monday November 3, 2014 was the day of the first concert of the year at Westmount: The Fall Concert. The night opened with the Intermediate Concert Band who played two songs, Crystal City Overture- John Edmondson and Ode to Greenslaves- arr. Richard Saucedo. The band sounded blended and very prepared thanks to their conductor and teacher Graham Green. Some soloists from the band include Arda O. and Sophia L. both on trumpet.

Pic 1

Taken on November 3, 2014: Intermediate Concert Band (Grades 8-9)


           Senior Jazz Band performed after the Intermediate Concert Band. They definitely did a remarkable job with their three pieces conducted by Graham Green. The pieces were, Night Train- arr. John Berry, Autumn Leaves- arr. John Berry and I Heard It Through The Grapevine- arr. Roger Holmes. The three pieces definitely got the audience entertained and excited. The pieces that were performed also featured some soloists, Maanasa D. on alto sax, Sean H. on trumpet, Jeffrey K. on trumpet who had two solos in the performance and Rigel Hansen S. on trombone.


Pic 2

Taken November 3, 2014: Senior Jazz Band (Grades 10-12)

Wendy Mah conducted the next band, The Junior 7’s. The band decided to encorporate some Christmas songs in their performance with the following songs, Hyperdrive- Ralph Ford, Chant & Savage Dance- Brian Balmages and Jingle Band- Michael Story. The ensemble featured some solos that were performed beautifully by the flute section. Overall, their performance was enjoyable and festive.

Pic 3

Taken November 3, 2014: Junior 7 Concert Band

The final group of the night was the Senior Concert Band conducted by Graham Green for some songs. Before the performance began, Green shocked the band by saying he wasn’t going to conduct their first piece. He continued by stating that, “they think they need a conductor.” The Senior Concert Band ended up doing a great job with their three pieces despite them not having a conductor for the first one. Their pieces included, Toboggan Ride- Stan Applebaum, Adagio- David Holsinger and Espania Cani– Pascual Marquina, arr. Robert Longfield.

Pic 4

Taken November 3, 2014: Senior Concert Band (Grades 10-12)

The night was full of good music, a welcoming and warm audience and a raffle. The raffle winner generously decided to donate her winnings back to the school. Westmount’s first concert of the year was definitely a successful attempt. So, what can we expect from the upcoming concert on December 1st, 2014?


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