We Day 2014

By: Krishna K.

On November 3rd 2014, I had the privilege to attend We Day. We Day is an educational program, this year’s was specifically on empowerment. The motivational speakers, poets, Olympians, bands and artists provided insight to the different kinds of empowerment. The four kinds of empowerment covered at We Day are economic empowerment, technological empowerment, social empowerment and educational empowerment. To go to We Day, you have to earn a ticket through service, one local action and one global action. My local action was a book drive hosted by the Interact club at Westmount and my global action was raising money for the school’s Plan Canada children.

The set up of We Day was in the style of a classroom. The different kinds of empowerment were ‘taught’ as individual ‘classes’. I thought that this was an interesting way of approaching the matter. There were also ‘body breaks’ between each section of the show where the crowd would stand up and do the We Day dance. I thought that the set up of the event was unique and engaging because students had a chance to learn new things in an environment like school, but with thousands of people, special effects and famous people.

Original Photo

The way that the Saddle-dome was structured for the event was also very interesting. It had the main stage, directly in the middle, a smaller stage on the left hand side and a music station where a DJ sat and played music throughout the event. Behind the main stage was a screen where the people on the stage were broadcasted and videos of people who couldn’t make it to the event, but still wanted to spread a message to the audience, for example Hedley and Malala Yousafzai.

Original Photo

Original Photo

We Day was a once in a lifetime experience. The people at We Day, such as Spencer West (author, Free the Children ambassador and motivational speaker), Steve Forbes (chairman and editor-in-chief at Forbes magazine) and Silken Laumann (Olympian, inspirational speaker, author and child advocate) told their personal stories of empowerment and taught us how we can be involved in empowering the world. I thought that this inspiration from people who had actually done something that changed the world really affected the crowd. At the beginning, Craig and Marc Kielburger, the cofounders of We Day asked the audience if they thought, each person individually, could change the world. Even though there were thousands of people there, only a couple hundred raised their hands. By the end of the day however, the entire Saddle-dome was up on their feet and felt inspired to make a change in the world.

Original Photo

Original Photo

Overall, I thought that We Day was amazing. I learned so much from the speakers and videos. The people at the event were excited and engaged with the audience, making the event a lot of fun. Most of all, I was personally affected by the stories that some of the speakers told, which really made me want to make a change in the world. So far, I have sold rafiki bracelets to my friends and family to raise money for a woman overseas to receive a goat, which can lead to women having an involvement in the economic system, which in turn can result in ending the poverty cycle. We Day has taught me that you can change the world, and that is a motto that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.


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