Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions

Omar H.

There are many amazing and cool Google Chrome extensions out there, but which ones are the best. Here are some of the best Google Chrome extensions out there.

Chrome Logo

5. “Awesome New Tab Page” (ANTP) is an eye-catching Google Chrome extension. ANTP is a Google Chrome extension that changes the interface of the Google Chrome New Tab page to the style of Windows 8’s Metro UI (Start Screen).


4. “Ghostery” is a free browsing privacy extension that lets you to easily detect and block trackers that are designed to find out what you’re doing on the internet. Ghostery also shows you which companies are trying to track your internet statistics and links to their privacy policies and opt-out options.

Ghostery Logo

3. “Lazarus Form Recovery” is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to save web forms that you are working on without needing to restart. The way Lazarus works is it automatically saves form information to your computer as you type, permitting you to easily recover work in the event of a power outage, server timeout, browser crash, etc.


2. “Turn Off The Lights” (TOTL) is a Google Chrome extension that sets the mood with atmospheric lighting for online video viewing. At its simplest, you can set TOTL to automatically dim your window background when using YouTube or other video sites. If you want to get more in-depth, you can customize the extension to set custom colors to your screen while playing videos, set atmospheric lighting, fade effects, and toggle a night mode. This experience is similar to a home theater.


1. “Hola Better Internet” (HBI) is a Google Chrome extension that lets you access things on popular and non-popular websites that are not available in your country. The most popular uses of HBI are,,,,,, and I’ll take Netflix as an example, let’s say you live in Canada and want to watch an American TV Show then you select what country you want and finally you’ll be able to watch from the country you chose. The way this works is when you enter the website, HBI changes your IP to an IP of the country of your choice which tells Netflix that your location is in US in this case.

HBI Logo

All these extensions as shown are extraordinary and are extremely useful and fun. So if you are not already doing it, go download these incredibly remarkable extensions.


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