The Power of ICTs

Purnoor T.

The creation of information and communications technology (ICTs) has played a vital role in the globalization of our world, and has contributed greatly to national economies.

Research conducted to show the importance of ICTs in creating an industrialized world has been conducted in areas around Africa. It shows the integral role they in countries like Nigeria, and how they have increased opportunities for durable and sustainable development.

Although ICTs has contributed towards the betterment of developing nations, they have also had an impact on the manipulation of media by several governing bodies. An example of this phenomenon is the ‘Umbrella Revolution’, where the Chinese government manipulated the media in order to enforce regulated distribution of information, especially when it described an action that opposed their ideals and policies.

Not only do ICT’s lead to misinterpretation of data, they can also lead to the violation of personal information. The security of many sensitive documents has been breached by hackers that have led to crimes such as fraud and extortion. Statistics have shown the increasing development of “superbugs” such as Heartbleed, and that now over 32% of computers are affected by some sort of malware. Not only have there been increased attacks, but also increased production of these threats. Last year alone, 27 million strains of malware was created last year, that’s 74, 000 new viruses created every day! With the increasing formation of viruses and malware that could potentially manipulate personal information, we must ask ourselves how to better protect against these threats.

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We must remember to think critically of the world around because of all the influence external mediums of information have on us. In order to assess one’s role, and consequences of many of decisions we make regarding technology and how it is to be used, we must be able to evaluate it and its influences in our day-to-day lives.


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