The New Disney Sensation: Big Hero 6

Jasmine K.

Designed to entertain skillfully, “Big Hero Six” is a sci-fi film teeming with exciting action and subduing graphics. This movie packs humor and adventure into one hour and forty-five minutes with all the features you can expect from Disney and more.

Produced by the same team as “Frozen” and “Wreck it Ralph”, Disney presents the new family fun movie, “Big Hero Six”. As Disney’s 54th animated canon film, “Big Hero Six” is based off a Marvel story and features this as their second superhero movie. The heroes? A robot called Baymax and five students from the prestigious university Sanfransokyo Tech with names Go Go Tomago, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Fred and Hiro Hamada. Together they save the day from an antagonist who takes advantage of Hiro’s invention: microbots that can be controlled by a neuro-transmitter, making anything possible. Hiro, the protagonist of this story, is first introduced as a genius participating in bot-fighting, an illegal activity in the city of San Fransokyo. His brother, who can’t stand to see his brother’s ability being misused, introduces Hiro to his university, where Hiro finds that he wants –needs– to go to Sanfransokyo Tech. From there, Hiro meets his future companions and befriends the personal health care assistant, Baymax. Hiro encounters many obstacles afterwards, but he surmounts these seemingly insurmountable obstacles with the help of his robot.

One vital part of every film is animation. As an animated film, the graphics of each scene and the mood it evokes is essential to the quality of the movie. With 15 more crew members than from the team of “Frozen”, “Big Hero Six” turns out to be a success in terms of animation as well. Its futuristic scenes demand a higher quality of graphics, giving “Big Hero Six” a boost in terms of detail and originality in its graphic design as well.

One setback for the movie, however, is the story. The storyline of “Big Hero Six” is, in a sense, predictable and typical for superhero films: the protagonist suffers from a blow but overcomes the obstacle, resolving to become a hero. The plot takes a large portion of the unpredictability away from the movie, creating a piece that depends on its comedy, graphics and other elements that balance the damage left from the storyline. Although humor and details of a movie are important, the story is the most essential portion in movie-making that engages consumers.

In general, “Big Hero Six” proves to be an exciting and well composed composition. If you are looking for a fun movie to watch with siblings or a family-fun movie, this is the movie for you.


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