PWLA (People Who Like Animals) Donate Now!

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 9.20.04 AM

Ben P.

PWLA (People who like animals) has decided to spend money to protect animals in new ways this past year.

The animal rights group launched a series a risque commercials promoting veganism. The CEO of PWLA has stated that he felt the ad would appeal to men because of the female models. They likely also expected the women in the ad would make real women feel bad about their bodies, prompting the switch to a vegan diet.

They also approached the popular band Pet Shop Boys with an unusual proposal. PWLA’s CEO was quoted as saying “Pet shops are demonic, and saying boys is sexist.”  They then requested the name be changed to “PWLA presents: The men and women of the animal shelter” The band denied the request due to logical reasoning. So many Pet Shop Boys fans were offended by the proposal, that it is likely to become the conflict that will spark WWIII.

PWLA also spent exorbitant amounts of donated money making a parody of the popular video game “Creaturemon”, because they felt that befriending magical creatures in a video game was ethically wrong. The parody, titled “Creaturemon Bloodred & Creaturemon Blackeye” can be found by searching “Creaturemon” and played online by children. It includes: vivid pictures of gorey human violence, extensive animal cruelty, animal violence, multiple videos of animal reproduction, and worst of all, mild cartoon violence.


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