Plunge Into A Magical Christmas Wonderland

Jasper A

Spruce Meadow’s International Christmas Market is an alluring showcase of art, unique gifts, foods and music. It is a great place to warm your hearts and join in the magical bustle of Christmas fun. The theme and atmosphere of this event was very lively and fit the setting perfectly. From the unique handcrafted gifts to the upbeat music, it’s all one big package of Christmas spirit. Perhaps it is too early in the season to say this, but this event might be the biggest success so far in creating an entertaining and stress-free international market.

Anyone from November 14th to the 30th, on Friday to Sunday, can discover over 250 vendors as well as indoor showcases and comfort at the Spruce Meadows Riding Hall, Equi-Plex, Gallery on the Green, Reindeer Alley, Candy Cane Lane and much more.

Must See’s:

Candy Cane Lane:


A lively puppet show-band playing every type of Christmas carol possible. All you have to do is click a button and they will do a live performance for you. There are also numerous creative vendors, creating a warm and exciting atmosphere.


Reindeer Alley:


Meet a real Reindeer and Miniature Horses! Who would not want to see that??

For only 35$ you can pet and take a picture with a real live reindeer! The reindeer shown above is cupid, and he sure is friendly and lovable!

Equi-Plex Stage:

There are amazing performances at the Equi-Plex stage including highlighting shows by The Calgary Fiddlers and The Rocky Mountain Clackers. Both talented groups showcase Canadian traditions with their thrilling skills and performance.


Fiddling and Tap dancing go way back in Canada’s history and traditions. Fortunately, these two groups have found a way to bring these traditions back to life and what better way to do that than at a festive market event. Christmas to most people is a tradition, and when I was surrounded by the world of scents, light, and energy I couldn’t help but think about traditions. It is encouraging seeing artists who have the vision to carry on the tradition of tap dancing and fiddling so that even in our generation today we can still have the opportunity to experience and even take part in this Canadian tradition.

Throughout the years, the Calgary Fiddlers have made it a tradition to perform at the International Christmas Market. As they play, they remind many people of old traditional tunes that have been played centuries ago. Fiddling has been struggling to survive throughout the years as it becomes buried deeper and deeper into our history. Many people say that a song never dies, just the singer. We have to realize, however, that the song can in fact die if a musician is not committed to preserving and passing on the song. This is part of what the Calgary Fiddlers are trying to do. They want to give an energized performance while still preserving the old traditions of Canadian fiddling.

The tradition filled performances are just one of the many showcases at Spruce Meadow’s International Christmas Market. Experience the 50 kilometers of lights throughout the park, by roads, on buildings and walkways. Enjoy stress free shopping for unique gift ideas from around the world or locally crafted items. Soak up the festive atmosphere with family and friends; you can also dine with the many exceptional food vendors onsite.

The Christmas Market at Spruce Meadows is a perfect family friendly event. Anyone can linger all day for the next two weekends for entertainment and exciting gifts.


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