Mötley Crüe and Alice Cooper rocks Calgary.

By Maria Ortiz

Most people would think that after thirty three years of playing, Mötley Crüe last concert would have been nothing but a bunch of old guys attempting to play one last gig with the enthusiasm that one would expect from a bunch of 50 year olds. But take it from me; they are far from being a bunch of washed out rockers frantically casing fame. From beginning to end, the level of energy from both the fans and the players grew and grew.

Mötley Crüe is a band that started back in 1981 by bass guitarist, the famous Nikki Sixx. He left his band called London and met drummer Tom Lee in a rundown bar. “I walked in and saw him. Skinny m*ther f*cker. Scrawny m*ther f*cker. Ugly m*ther f*cker. Tommie Lee!!!” exclaimed Sixx during the concert on 19th. “After we went to the f*cking seven eleven to buy a case of f*cking beer. (…) And in the f*cking magazine, we see an f8cking ad. An ad for a guitarist. Staring up at us, was f*cking Mick Mars!” According to Sixx, they found lead singer Vince Neil in the same L.A bar that he found Lee. After convincing Neil to leave his old band and join theirs, they rented a small space to play and have been playing ever since.

The concert opened up with a small lesser known band called the Raskins, before beginning with the first big act of the night. As the lights dimmed in the saddle dome, a quiet hush swept over the arena. Up on stage, the mascara covered eyes was projected on to a sheet. As it fell down, it revealed Alice Cooper standing alongside four guitar players and the first note of hello hooray rang out over the crowd. Stirring up the crowd with his usual colorful theatrics, such as his famous decapitation trick to a giant Frankenstein during Feed my Frankenstein, he started the concert with a show to top anything some mediocre pop band could come up with. He finished his set by preforming one of his most famous songs, School’s out for the Summer, mixing it up by adding a couple lines from Pink Floyds the Wall part two. With over the top theatrics combined with his energy and talent, I say I give him a well-deserved 9.5 stars out of ten for his performance.

They started their set by preforming Saints of Los Angeles without wasting a moment to light up the stadium with everything from strobe lights to fireworks, and I’m not talking about those small toy fire crackers. I’m talking about massive Chinese ones. It was everything you should except from a good old 80 era concert with massive explosions everywhere, ten minute long solos, and guitar smashing. The highlights of the night where probably Tommie Lee’s up-side down drum solo to the tune of current songs like Fallout Boy’s Be Careful Making Wishes in the Dark, Nikki Sixx’s solo accompanied by a flame thrower and their performance of Kick-start my Heart which seem to include more fireworks then a Texas barbeque on the fourth of July. At the end of the show, with the audience screaming bloody murder for an encore, the band walked out on to a stage set up in the crowd and performed home sweet home. It was truly a sight to see, with thousands on lighters swaying side to side as a tribute to the band. I give this extremely exciting performance a perfect score of ten out of ten for the general mind-blowing show that they performed.


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