Local Mom Finds Something Unexpected In Groceries From Costco

By: Ziana V.

Are we really sure about where the food we eat comes from? We never stop to think about what exactly we’re putting in our bodies. Airdrie mom, Suzie Moore may have to start thinking about where she gets her groceries. 

After grocery shopping at a nearby Costco, Moore started cooking Sunday dinner with Brussels sprouts and found something very unusual and surprising, a bullet, a 22 calibre.

Pic 5

“First thing I thought was ‘sure glad I didn’t microwave the Brussels sprouts’”, was Suzie’s first reaction. She also went on to say, “Man, I am glad I didn’t bite on this and none of my family did,” when asked if Moore would shop again at Costco she replied with a laugh and said, “I think I will go with the fresh ones.”

The CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) is currently undergoing an investigation to find out how the bullet ended up in the bag. They’re also looking to find the supplier who provides Costco with the Brussels sprouts. The Los Angeles Salad Company is also promising an investigation.



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