Fireflies aren’t the only ones that can light up!

Nicholas G.

The winter season hits like a tidal wave, and Calgary is nearest to the coast.  As the snow falls and water turns to ice, people prepare for the christmas season.  Even businesses get in on the Christmas spirit by decorating their buildings, but what business do you think gets into the spirit of the season most of all?  Would you believe one that is run by animals?

Screen shot 2014-11-28 at 8.24.45 AM

Yes, you could argue that every business is run by “animals”, but none more so than the Calgary Zoo, which is preparing for its annual Christmas celebration, ZooLights.  Their one and-a-half million light display couldn’t be rivaled by even the most decorated mansion (or corporate conglomerate).  This light-display of the year is widely known to many, and is even currently in action!  The event ran from the twenty-first, and is just beginning its long season which will end in January next year, on the third, but even with the time space being so large, you should hurry to get your own tickets while the season is nigh.

ZooLights by JSS Barristers is all that you would expect from a light display, but more.  Between the throngs of guests in the Christmas-themed zoo, you can feast your light-loving eyes on the hundreds of displays set-up to inspire awe in their many patrons.  These take the forms of giant overpasses complete with a huge array of flashing lights of different colors, and the ever well-themed bulbs positioned to look like animals ranging from wolves to undersea creatures.  Did you ever expect to wear sunglasses in the winters season?  You may need them if you decide to pay a visit to this light show!

Besides the obvious attraction of the humongous light bulb extravaganza bringing all the very best spirit of the Christmas season (how do you think the place got its name?), the one and-a-half million tiny suns aren’t the only tricks this place has up its finely decorated sleeve!  When you don’t find children frolicking between the lights, you’ll find them playing games from giant animal puzzles to huge snow-block bowling (seems like a theme here, huh?) in the cold.  This “Kids Zone” as the zoo likes to call it, is a child’s paradise in a winter-wonderland (sorry moms and dads, maybe next time).  The people huddled around fires, the “Wishing Tree”-Where children can write down their very own wishes and hang them on christmas trees-(Chinook Centre), and the free chocolate bars (Cococo Chocolatiers) just help to add to the tremendous feeling of the season!

That’s all well and good, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t keep adding even more new things to the event!  This year brings what will certainly be a crowd-favorite;  “The Singing Tree” which people can talk to, which is just how it sounds like!  That’s not all, the famous winter sport of ice-skating has made an appearance at Zoolights this year (Mahogany lakeside Living), as well as the private haven of Santa himself (REMAX), both surely bringing with them tremendous amounts of cheer and merriment!

Still not convinced about coming?  Words can never possibly do it justice, so why not grab tickets of your own and try it out?  You will never again see a zoo so in tune with the Christmas season, that’s a guaranteed fact!  So get out there yourself, and as they say:  “Dress Warmly.  We’ll make the hot chocolate.”


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