Dracula Untold, told by Logic

By: Sunint B.

Imagine, watching a movie in which the events are so obvious that you think, something needs to happen that makes my heart skip a beat. Then, the screen goes black, a dark hole that has created a sense of lack of fulfillment. You are astounded. Dracula Untold was exactly what you expected, with no twist or surprise. A movie in which the events are predictable is a movie not worth spending your valuable time or money on, and Dracula Untold proves this sentiment.

Huh, I never knew Tom Hanks was Dracula

Huh, I never knew Tom Hanks was Dracula.

Dracula Untold is a fairly bad movie and is not entertaining at all, and the script ruined the entire movie. The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) gave it a 6.3/10, and Rotten Tomatoes gives it 23%. I would give this movie two stars because of its poor script and lack of entertainment, but that the premise was interesting and if it had been executed properly could have been a hit movie.

The only good thing about the movie is the whole premise, being the main character, Prince Vlad, turning into Dracula, could have provided a very interesting storyline. He consumes the blood of a demon to give him the limitless power of evil, however, at the price of his humanity. Instead of portraying him as a merciless killing machine, he wants the power so that he could protect his wife, Mirena, and his son from the Ottoman Empire, which is demanding 1000 children for their army. His thirst for human blood and his eternal rage caused by a certain key, influential event (don’t want to spoil it!) consumes him, eventually causing him to destroy not only the Ottoman Empire, but also his own people. With no one left except for his son, he soon feels powerless, and once he puts his son into safe hands, he lets himself perish by the holy ray of sunlight from god.

In the movie trailer, the storyline seemed quite interesting. The trailer is the reason I decided to watch the movie in the first place, however, the script is poorly written and not a single event is unpredictable or surprising. It is frankly so obvious that it wouldn’t even keep your attention while watching it, and I feel that even with such a great premise or concept behind the movie, the lack of effort is evident by the poor script. When you watch most movies, you feel emotions rushing within your blood, becoming one with the protagonist, feeling what the characters’ feel. This was not evident within this movie and it’s not able to hold your attention for long, and was all flash and no glue.

In conclusion, this movie deserves two stars because of its lack of effort and poorly written script, however an interesting storyline helps develop initial interest and that failed execution ruined the movie.


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