Christmas Shop and Save

By Sophia L

Stunning Dress

            Time to pull out that Christmas spirit and outfit! With Christmas coming around the corner, why not treat yourself to something tasty in style. Those cool mint- coloured jumpers or those sweet red silhouettes… As the wish list for Santa gets longer and longer, each Christmas shopping spree becomes more and more expensive. Why not think ahead? Since the new year of 2015 is also approaching, an early new years resolution! Instead of that $200 [insert brand name] dress (that you thought you would love forever, but ended up wearing it once or never), buy a copycat style for just $20. I mean, you just saved $180 and it’s like a 10 for 1 deal. I don’t mean to pull out that stereotypical comment but it proves useful here and there: “Think about all those children in Africa.” They have almost nothing while we are spoiling our kids, not to mention, ourselves.

In our society, we take money for granted and as a symbol for our wealth. Celebrities throw cash around like it’s no biggie. We are not celebrities and we should not act like one. Money, however, is a substantial issue when it comes to buying apparel tailored to our wants. Westmount’s high school winter formal is just 2 weeks away, and teenage girls raid the malls for the perfect seasonal dress. There is absolutely no need to purchase an extremely expensive article of clothing when you will most likely wear it only once or twice in your whole life, but girls need the satisfaction of breathtaking looks. Geoff, the school president, observes, “ I’ve heard girls talking in the halls about buying dresses, like three weeks ago.” It is not just high school girls who are rapidly preparing for this dance: the grade 9s are in a frenzy, exciting over their first winter formal. Chaten, a grade 9 student, frets over what to wear and is currently in a state of desperation. On the verge of tears, he exclaims, “Damn! My tie is broken and my socks are untied! I… I just can’t no more–” Wherever the Christmas spirit went, it has now been replaced: stress is in the air. There is utterly no need to worry over one formal, whether it is your first or your last. Hopefully you purchased dresses on Black Friday (the ultimate sale day in November), but if not, girls, here are some cute winter dress ideas that does not include the condition of you being a billionaire and costing a fortune:

Although a blue theme might help the winter spirit, and a red theme would compliment Christmas, any colour of your choice will allow you to dress in style!

Dresses Arrangement

Black and white is the yin- yang colour combination, and a match for anyone! Check out the following floral patterns placed on a stunningly snow white dress.

Black and White

Pricy Advice:

For a simple party dress, be sure to buy dresses around the range of $20 – 60 if you are only going to wear it once. It might not be the best quality, but guaranteed it won’t be in tiptop shape when you come home from the dance. If you are going for a more fancy wear, then go for a dress that is $70 maximum. For a formal, if it’s the dress of your dreams, and it’s on sale (at least 10% off), then the price limit should be about $70 – 90. A normal formal dress would cost around $80 – 100. Prom dresses can range from $100 – 300. There is absolutely no need for a $300 dress, but $100 is a little cheap for extravagance, so I would say to stick around a $150 – $250 price range. Hanna’s Design & Alterations is a dress shop with custom-made dresses, located in Calgary. Check out their website,, for ideas and inspirations! Anyhow, hope you manage to find the perfect winter fantasy dress! Even if you don’t, you are still the Winter Wonderland princess!


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