Top 10 Educational Youtube Channels

Aaron W.

The internet can be a sketchy place, but sometimes if you look in the right spots… you can find videos of Rob Ford dancing half naked on a pool table (hopefully that can be a “thing”.). That’s not important, as today I list my top 10 “Educational” Youtube Channels.


10. Extra Credits/Game Theory


Games are sometimes more than games, and I don’t mean that games are life and that everything should revolve around them. These two channels bring you the same concept in similar ways, to showcase the genius, effort and might I even add: thought that was put into the addictive AI’s.

9. Vlogbrothers/Crash Course


Most of you might know John Green as the writer of many famous books like ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ or ‘Paper Towns’, and you may know his brother as “The King Of Youtube” and host of the VidCon for 4 straight years. Now what do you get when you put them together? Awesomeness, that’s what. Crash Course is your stop for anything in Psychology and World History, without the boring part (don’t even deny that World History is not fun).


download (1)

Need Inspiration? Want to be dazzled and amazed? Then THNKR is the right place for you! THNKR is the tank of young talent that can inspire you to great things in you life. Hey, if they can do it; so can you.

7. Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

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By far my favorite TV show that has graced us with its presence on Youtube. John Oliver is probably one of the funniest people I know, and that’s not just because he’s British. By delivering the most important topics of the week in a funny and informative matter, Last Week Tonight brings the news but “weeklier”.

6.Good Mythical Morning

download (6)

The world is weird. And with Youtube superstars Rhett and Link bringing all the weirdest news in the world from past, present and future (and sometimes just some plain fun). Did I mention is every weekday? Yeah… awesome.

5.Philip de Franco Incorporation (The Philip de Franco Show, SourceFed, SourceFedNERD, The Drawing Board.)

download (3)

Probably one of the best news channels that are on daily, this incorporation goes anywhere from important news to the weirdest news all around the world. Did I mention that they also sell cool stuff? Yeah. They’re are truly the whole package.

4. PBS Digital Studios


PBS is a kids channel right? WRONG. Digital Studios teams up with PBS to bring you some of the best Tv science and art shows ever, on the INTERNET. Honestly, enough said.

3. Smarter Every Day

download (4)

There are some things in life where it doesn’t really matter if you know it or not. That being said, it’s always good to add some knowledge into that vast ocean of yours. It makes you “Smarter Every Day”

2. Veritaserum/Minutephysics/VSauce/SciSchow/ASAP Science

download (5)

Science at it’s finest, these people above are the wizards of Youtube. Yes, everybody mentioned on this list that relate to science are great, but there is something about these guys that is just so appealing. Go take a look for yourself, I bet your mind will be blown.

1. Ted-Ex

download (1)

There a specific channel where your peers go on a stage and lecture you about things. Sound boring? Well these aren’t any ordinary topics, Ted-Ex is the treasure cove of all the information that you wanted to know, in any subject at any time. All at your fingertips.


download (2)

Why is this not in the top 10? Because I saw this after finishing my top 10 list, but make sure that you take peek, ok? Ok.


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