Count Your Calories, Wherever You Go

Article Picture mcdonaolds

Japjeet D.

Ontario is now on its way to becoming the first province in Canada to have forced calorie counts onto all menus of restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, and all other companies with 20 branches or more, that serve food within the province. This includes all places that sells meals or snacks for immediate consumption, and alcohol, to display the amount of calories in their products on their menus.

Insuring that all food items have a label beside the prices showing the amount of calories in each product helps consumers to make better choices than they would have otherwise. Using this new requirement, consumers can have a better idea of what they are eating, helping us work towards solving obesity. The Ontario government is still debating whether or not they should confirm having a calorie count mandatory on all their menus. Ontario Deputy Premier Health Minister, Deb Matthews, suggested that consumers think that they are making the right choices even though they are doing the opposite. Instead of making the right food choices they end up making the wrong choices because they lack knowledge regarding how many calories they are really consuming. For example, most people would think that a cheeseburger is less healthy than a raison bran muffin from Tim Horton’s, however the cheeseburger is scientifically proven to have less calories. If consumers knew what they were consuming, we could make healthier choices because of better knowledge of what they eating. By providing more information about how many calories they are consuming would also help cause companies to rethink their ingredients and what is on their menu. By providing information about how many calories you might be consuming, you’ll be able to step away from unhealthy foods and know what your eating.


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