What’s in for Fashion? A Smart Girl’s Guide

By Sophia

Fall 2014? So yesterday. “Diamonds are a girls best friend.” ~ Marilyn Monroe (1926- 1962) Last time I checked (the calendar), it’s 2014. Shoes are now a girls best friend. Snow has already blanketed Calgary streets… we need to think about getting new accessories for our poor feet! What kinds of shoes are “in” this winter? We always drift to celebrities and magazines to look for clues. These Hollywood celebs dressed up just for you (to show you what style is of course)!


Try to pick out a colour theme, and then build your outfit off of that. For fall-winter, try to pick dark colours, instead of bright ones. Bold colours are usually summer style only. Scarves are a must for winter. It not only keeps your neck warm but also, obviously, compliments the rest of your outfit. Tights also fit almost every outfit and works perfect with a pair of leather boots. Boots add a sharp and finished look to your outfit. Pencil heels, wedges, converse boots, UGGs, you name it! Sunglasses bring out a summery look in mid- winter. If you like summer, rock in a pair of Gucci sunglasses. An edgy jacket tops the outfit and completes the wintery look!


Plaid and animal print is in this year! Check out that plaid skirt matched with a white blouse, topped with a trench jacket… a mix-matched perfection! Leopard print high heels complete the mostly black outfit (and again with the sunglasses). Cute handbags are an easy accessories all times. Make your own matches and outfits based off of celebrity models.

Shirt: Black or white matches with almost anything! Make sure you don’t wear bold colours… it just doesn’t compliment the wintery look.

Pants: Tight skinny jeans, matches boots, flats, heels, you name it! Try a seducing shiny black pair for a new look.

Shoes: Shoes are the biggest deal in pairing your outfits. Outrageous, snazzy shoes always get compliments. Leather boots, or button UGGs are cute winter-proof shoes and a must have.

Jacket: Spending lots of time outside? Trench coat. Going for a spunky look? Bold leather jacket. Looking for warm and cozy comfort? Baggy sweater will do.

Accessories: Try not to overdo the accessories, because then they just become excessive. A snazzy handbag that is not oversized is perfect for holding useful items. Floral print backpacks are the ideal items for school. Sunglasses make winter feel warm, and cuts off on the harsh winter glares.

Jewelry: Chunky bracelets give off an “I don’t care, but I do” look. Gold is in! Gold always shows off your “rich- girl personality”.


Whatever suits your style, be sure get your best winter outfits out, and have others awed! Get ready for a fashionista winter 2014 and I’ll see you in the next Christmas edition.



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