Honouring Fallen Soldiers

By Sophia L

nathan-cirillo-5Four consecutive gunshots rang out and the gunman proceeded towards the Canadian Parliament. Meanwhile, the bullets lodged themselves in the chest of an unarmed soldier, peacefully standing guard at the National War Memorial in Ottawa. This was an unexpected tragedy. It is a shame that Corporal Nathan Cirillo died the way he did; he was neither on battlegrounds nor prepared for death. Nevertheless, Cirillo died proud and died serving our nation.

When soldiers sign up for the job, they know that they will eventually die serving the country, but not necessarily whenever and wherever. Cirillo passed away while serving an honourable deed 405.47 kilometers away from his hometown, Hamilton. Who knows what was the last thing he said to his family and friends? When we are faced with the death of a fallen soldier, our initial thoughts are sorrow and then praise for their glorious service. We might not even know these soldiers and yet it brings devastation when they die. This is why we celebrate Remembrance Day: to honour those who have served and fell, although they might be forgotten and unknown to us.images-1

Cirillo was a young Canadian soldier when he died, just 24 years old, and has been a cadet since the age of thirteen. Corporal Nathan Cirillo, who grew up in Hamilton, was given the ceremonial position of temporarily guarding the Nation War Memorial as an honour. There, Cirillo was faced with his deadly fate, but also condolences and remembrance from his fellow supporters. Cirillo had great dreams, one of which is to become a full time soldier, and he has definitely earned this honour, wherever he may be right now.hi-remembrance-day-8col


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