Alberta Health Service Taking Over Ambulance Services

Articale Picture 1       Japjeet D.

A new ambulance system will be up and working by next spring. The Calgary’s ambulance dispatch team will be taken over by Alberta Health Services(AHS), to create a better and faster system. With this new Provincial EMS Dispatch System there will be a faster system, by insuring that the closest available ambulance can respond in every emergency. This insures that the person in need will get an ambulance as soon as possible. They will also have an additional backup team ready just in case a dispatch centre gets a workload of emergencies. Many people have different opinions on this new improvement, and have had many different responses to this. Although the Alberta Health Services team is trying their very best to create a newly efficient and effective system some people argue that the system they are using now is better than the new coming one. People say that the old ambulance system was very good and saved many lives, and changing the system may result in a worse system and may increase the time it takes to get to an emergency call. While other people argue that this new system will be a more organized and quicker way to operate the ambulances, and help save many more lives than they are right now.  However, the vast majority of people don’t even know that this system will be changing at all, and probably won’t even know the difference between the two systems.


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