The Ultimate DIY : Protecting Your Phone

Jasmine K.

In our generation, phones are our dearest companions and most convenient devices; they can access almost anything at the touch of a finger. Seniors, students and parents can easily agree. “My phone is a tool I can use to have convenient internet access, a camera and music at my fingertips,” voices Ethan, a high school student, “ It’s precious to me as well in that it was expensive to purchase.”

Ethan also brings a valid point: some phones, especially smartphones with touch screens, are extremely costly and hard to repair without having an empty wallet. So how can we protect these phones from receiving damage? There are many original and inventive innovations that can be done at home, without the need to purchase costly phone cases or screen protectors.

When purchasing a new smartphone, one thing that is often noticed is the glassy screen. These surfaces seem deceivingly durable, but they can erode at a startling rate. To protect these screens, many consumers purchase screen protectors as there seems to be no other alternative, however, there are solutions. The simplest and most fool proof way is to use vinyl. You can purchase sheets of vinyl at your local vinyl store for a low price. After you have purchased your sheet of vinyl, you can simply trace the phone’s screen shape onto the vinyl or you can place it onto the screen. Then, carefully use an x-acto knife to carve out your screen protector’s shape. If you haven’t done so— place the vinyl on the screen of your phone carefully so there is no trapped air or bubbles on the surface of your screen. To make sure that the screen protector is smooth and adhered to your phone, run a credit card, debit card, etcetera on the surface to ensure that everything is perfect. If you happen to own a phone that has an interface that is entirely touch screen (such as an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Nexus, etc.) then you can cut holes in the vinyl where there are cameras, microphones and such so the functions of the phones aren’t interfered. Vinyl also works just like a screen protector, meaning that vinyl won’t be detrimental to touchscreen functions. After you are finished the procedure run your card over it once again and you are finished creating your own screen protector! (If you are confused over the written procedure, look for an embedded video below)

New phones can be dropped, stepped on and damaged in many various ways. This is why many people purchase cases for their phones, however, these cases are expensive and many existing DIY phone case projects require you to buy a clear or white phone case before. Instead of following any of these procedures, an inventive and ingenious fix to this problem comes from the youtuber Ela Gale. Her idea? An iPhone book case that hides your phone and protects it. (Look below for her embedded video) With this, you can protect your phone and secretly multitask on your phone.

Using these DIYs, your phone will be equipped and prepared for your next accident!


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