Music: A Double Edged Sword


Sheet Music in the 30s

Aaron W.

To some people out there, music is their life. They just can’t leave it alone. They will always headphones within a 5 meter radius of them, and no matter what people say, they just don’t care.

A lot of people listen to music when they work and play, but choosing the right songs is very important. “Apparently music with lyrics actually distracts you more when you’re working, but I always listen to classical music which helps you absorb the information better.” sais Eric Fu, a grade 9 piano prodigy. But its a lot more than just that, studies show that various dynamics and tempos also affect your mind and body. For example: Highly stimulating music brings cortisol and noradrenaline secretion from your body. While loud music for a long time will naturally deafen your ears, in fact 1 in 6 teens in America already have hearing damage.

That being said, music isn’t all bad for you.

In the Daily Mail, an article wrote that having music actually helps Chronic Back Pain, Memory Loss and your own personal workouts. However to a student that may not be as important, so what about studying? Scientists discovered the Mozart effect, where classical music can help long-term and logical thinking. However, they say that natural sounds (waterfalls, light rain, breeze) and various chill-out music genres can also have the same effect.

Sometimes music can affect the soul more than the body, studies show that people who are sad like to listen to sadder music tracks. Why you ask? “The reason is simple,” says Annemieke Van den Tol and Jane Edwards of the University of Limerick. “its because people like to be connected, to have somebody understand their feelings and maybe even emphasize them.” Other reasons that they specify was perhaps memories from the past, aesthetic value (the quality of the music) and an emotional message.

So what do you think? Do you listen to music when you work? Do you think that it’s good for you? Bad for you? Let us know in the comments section below!


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