Global Warming Is Causing Polar Bears To Shrink In Arctic Canada

Polar Bear collage

Jasper A

Leah McCray drives in her sleek new car to work each day, a cute picture of a polar bear sitting neatly on her dashboard. Next to her, cars stuck in the chaotic traffic give off warm odorous pollution. Slowly, she makes her way down a sun-dappled road; bordering factories send ominous clouds of pollution into the sharp morning air. Leah lights up the room with a flick of a switch and sighs in satisfaction. Fumbling through her bag she reaches for her electronic computer to review her notes on her “Save The Polar Bears!” presentation. She is unaware that the electricity that is lighting up her office is one of the many harmful pollutants in her presentation.

Like Leah McCray, all these sources of pollution are entwined in our every day lives whether we know it or not. These pollutants are just a few examples of how we increase global warming.

Polar bears have been slowly shrinking in size since 1980 in Canada’s Arctic. The early shifting of seasons causes ice in the arctic to break up and melt earlier in the season, causing longer periods of open water. This has been preventing polar bears to hunt for food, which is mostly seals. Not enough ice results in, less time to hunt, less food, and shrinking polar bears.


Global warming is a continuing problem, and the decreasing size of this majestic bear is just one of the many problems. It is estimated that a female polar bear used to weigh 295 kilograms (650 pounds), and today only weigh an average of 230 kilograms (507 pounds). This is a tremendous drop for an animal that has to rely on its body mass and body strength to survive. The polar bears have also diminished in height where they used to 225 centimeters and now are only 220 in the span of a couple years.

Polar Bears survive by always being one of the top predators and continuously fighting for territory or food. They rely a lot on their physical strength and if they cannot hunt and provide for their offspring they will surely start to die off. The loss of weight and overall size can affect the reproduction of healthy cubs. If we do not do something to stop this, global warming will slowly kill off polar bears for good along with other wildlife species.


We need to become aware of the changing environments all around us, and by doing so we can help save many wildlife species like the polar bears. Every day we can take a step to reduce our energy consumption, improve efficiency and help terminate global warming. The biggest pollutant that causes global warming is carbon dioxide, which is released from fossil fuels such as coal, gasoline, and oil. These resources are common pollutants that appear in our everyday lives. Therefore when we conserve energy we are helping to stop global warming and even as a bonus, saving money!


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