AP or IB?

AP or IB?

By: Sunint B.

AP or IB? This is the question on the minds of many people in middle and high school. Many universities are now looking for participants who have been in either program, because it shows that you can work hard and will take the extra step to succeed more in life. While both programs will be beneficial, a certain one may benefit you more in the long run.

IB vs. AP

IB vs. AP

AP, known as Advanced Placement, is a system in which you can take certain courses of your choice as AP courses. These courses are more advanced then the normal classes, and are usually available primarily in 30 and 30+ courses. It’s good if you want to learn a more advanced curriculum then the normal course, but don’t want as much of a workload, or don’t want to be advanced in all subjects. AP is more of taking advanced classes, but IB is more of a program where all of your courses become advanced and you have a different curriculum and exams then students who are not in AP. It’s primarily recognized in North America.

IB, known as International Baccalaureate, is when you are integrated into a program that has more advanced and different courses then the normal curriculum. You can choose to take partial or full IB, the main difference being in partial you only have to take a few courses, and in full you have to take all of the courses. The exams you will be given at the end of each course are different then the exams in normal courses, and the workload is definitely a lot more. A lot of people that are in full IB say that you lose a social life, but it looks really good on a resume and prepare you for the workload you will get in college or university. Since it’s a program, it helps to refine your strengths and cover your weaknesses, but you will have to work hard. IB is recognized internationally, unlike AP, which is primarily recognized only in North America.

While a number of students at Westmount are going to join full IB, it really depends on your circumstances. If you are going out of North America, then you should definitely take IB. If you just want to be advanced in only a few courses, then AP is your way to go. In terms of workload, IB tends to have more. If you take IB, you can also choose whether to take full or partial. It’s also important to consider the school itself, because if the school isn’t good then there is no point in going into AP or IB. While a lot of schools offer AP in Alberta, not as many offer IB. At the end of the day it depends on personal preference, and before you choose you should do a lot of research to make sure you know what you are getting into. Whichever you choose should be the best one for you. You may feel that doing normal courses is what is the best for you, and that is fine as well. At the end of the day you have to choose whatever you feel is the best for you.


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