5 things not to do on Facebook

Bennett P.

1: Never post things obviously put up to elicit sympathy from others, to attract attention or just vague statements in general. Examples: I’m so ugly. Like if you disagree. Don’t you hate it when your “friends” betray you? Do you ever feel so sad you wanna cry? 7cde3c3ca62536a91dceda538fc96c93fc31551e7551aba2092555175f1939aa 2: When you don’t even check your spelling. It is acceptable to make an occasional mistake, but never be that person who posts something with a ridiculous spelling error. It takes an extra 10 seconds to check your grammar and spelling, and every time you get something like this wrong all of your friends think you’re stupid. The worst part is often the spelling of the seemingly interchangeable “they’re”, “there”, and “their”. After making a ridiculous error in spelling or grammar, at least don’t try to blame spellcheck. funny-Facebook-bad-spelling-grammar 3: Never… Ever… Ever… invite your friends to play weird games you’re into. No one wants to play your virtual farming game and if anyone doesn’t yet play candy crush, they clearly don’t want to. Unknown 4: Never be the kind of people who constantly upload selfies of themselves, either to change their profile picture or just randomly. What makes it worse is that they are all essentially the same: a picture of the person smiling somewhere in their house, school, etc., with some sort of slight blur, or a color filter like black and white. 501ffaae9b1a0477f75898926fe0708c 5: Never upload random updates about your favourite TV shows, sports teams, or other events most people don’t take an interest in. Maybe a friend or two want to see it, but message it to them instead and everyone else will thank you for not cluttering their news feed. Unknown-1


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