Westmount to Transform Atrium into a Pool

Mr. K.

The Atrium converted into a pool—coolest thing ever. Yes, the buzz around Westmount these days is the proposed conversion of the currently vacant Atrium space on the first floor. In a desire to maximize efficiency, and to promote health-and wellness initiatives, Westmount’s top brass are strongly considering a new direction for the perpetually waterlogged space. In case you had not noticed the gaping hole in the atrium over the past year, there has been an incredible amount of interest in transforming the space. Catering to one of Westmount’s four pillars, Health and Wellness seems to be dominating the feedback. According to Mr. Hooper, daily physical activity is “extremely important” for all students—regardless of age. When asked about the proposed pool, Mr. Hooper enthusiastically commented that “students should be required to swim daily, no matter if there is water or not.” In considering this plan, do not limit your assessment to the participants. Just imagine the serenity that high school students on the third floor will experience in watching others swim, while they are working. Talk about a Zen moment. The joy, however, is not limited to summer time activities. The possibility of converting the pool to an ice rink has also been bantered about, and a local skating expert, who will remain anonymous, thinks this is fantastic. Not only can Westmount maximize the use of the space, but we can also minimize dollars spent on field trips—and think of all the paper we will save by taking a “field trip” to the atrium. While details are scarce, there is talk of a diving board. Building supervisors and engineers will have to weigh in on safety, but most are in favour of a rooftop diving board. If some students get their way, we could also see the pool flavoured with Kool-Aid. With this much excitement, students are anxious to hear about the Atrium’s future development.


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