5 Gadgets to Help You Survive Winter!

By: Krishna K.

Cold weather is approaching fast. What gadgets do you need to stay warm and comfortable during the painfully cold months that lie ahead? Keep reading for the top five gadgets that you will need this winter.

  1. USB Heating Blanket

We all know that school can be very cold during the winter months, so a USB heating blanket that you can connect to your laptop will help. You can buy it from Perpetualkid.com for $34. The USB heating blanket has a internal heating pad, which is powered when connected by USB. It is 18 inches by 33 inches and has a zipper to remove the heating pad so it can be washed.

  1. 180s Puffy Quilt with Headphones

Do you ever want to listen to music in the winter, but you just can’t because your ears get too cold? Well your problem is now solved! 180s.com has collapsible ear warmers with built in stereo headphones that will connect to your music device. These snazzy earphones are available in black and white for $40.

  1. ThermaCELL Heated Insoles

Are you a person that can wear many pairs of socks but still have cold feet? Worry not. A company called ThermaCELL created a pair of insoles that can heat your winter boots. These insoles are water-resistant and have a rechargeable lithium battery. They cost $134.99 and you can buy them from heat.thermacell.com.

  1. Glider Gloves

Do you face a constant struggle between keeping your hands warm and using your touchscreen device? Glider Gloves use special microfibers at the fingertips of the gloves that can be used on touchscreen devices. They cost about $30 and can be bought from the Glider Gloves website.

  1. Pebble Pro Charger

Cold weather has an unfortunate flaw of draining the battery of your devices. With the Pebble Pro Charger, a portable battery, you can charge any device that has a USB cord. You can get this for $81 from Amazon.


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