Putting the “Thanks” in Thanksgiving

Sophia L.

Just like Orange is the New Black, thanks is the new please. Simple things such as the tasty dinners mom cooks, the tough assignments dad helps with, or the practices that coach leads make up much of our everyday lives, and yet we take them for granted. These little things, no matter how small, are nonetheless important. Believe it or not, without them, life would be rather difficult.

The word “thanks” uses just one second of our lives. With an average of 2,775,168,000 seconds (88 years) to live, just one little thank you wouldn’t hurt. With Thanksgiving coming around the corner, try to think of just a few things/ people you are thankful for. It’s the thought that counts. Imagine, if one person gives thanks to 10 people and they each give thanks to 10 more people… wouldn’t the world be a more thankful place?!


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