Will a New Name Propel the Coyotes to a Cup?

Bjorn F. R.

Arizona Coyotes

It was a loud night at the Gila River Arena, in Glendale, Arizona. It was the 22nd of September, 2014, and the L.A. Kings were visiting the Arizona Coyotes, where the ‘Yotes were playing their first game as Arizona.

Previously known as the Phoenix Coyotes, the team did not disappoint their fans, as Keith Yandle and Mike Smith led the team to a shootout win to defeat the defending Stanley Cup Champions. What the fans were disappointed about, was the team’s history. Starting in Winnipeg in 1972, the Jets were emerging from the World Hockey Association, and very few in the NHL were not intimidated by this team. They were entering the NHL with the Quebec Nordiques, The Hartford Whalers, and the Edmonton Oilers.

The Nordiques, Whalers, and Jets went bankrupt, and the Oilers are sitting in last place in the NHL. Many think that these four teams might as well as stepped down with all the other teams in their previous league, when the WHA shut down. But, when they entered the NHL, they weren’t the best, but not the worst either. As the Jets, they had never managed to win the cup, and the farthest they ever reached was the conference finals.

Now, up until 2011, many could say a lot of things about the Coyotes. For example, their home arena was the only one in the NHL to not host a playoff game and they used to have two teams worth of teams. The Winnipeg supporters followed their team, and some even bought property in Arizona, just to watch the team play. “I think that’s craziness!” states diehard Detroit fan. “Just because I support the Red Wings, it doesn’t mean I would move to Detroit to watch them play.”. But, with the Jets re-entering the NHL, the Coyotes have been losing sales like crazy. Seven dollars for a ticket! $7! Who wouldn’t want to be a fan of a team with ticket prices that low? So, will the Coyotes’ first game win motivation propel them to a playoff spot? Or will they disappoint their supporters yet again, and lose more fans than they can afford?


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