“The Dream Will Never Die”

Scotland decides that they are after all, “Better Together” with the United Kingdom. uk_2202019b

Areeb A. 

On Thursday, September 18th, the United Kingdom feared that Scotland would hand in their divorce papers. Thankfully for the British, they did not end the 307-year marriage.

Scots gathered in the 32 counties to vote on the matter of Scottish Independence, and what was looking to be a close vote, was an easy victory for the “Better Together” campaigners in a final tally of 55% – 45%. The “Independent Scotland” campaign only managed to pull 5 of the 32 counties, their opposition grabbing the other 27. What were thought to be the deciding counties didn’t pull the election at all. The capital, Glasgow as well as Dundee were heavily in favor of Scottish Independence, Edinburgh was pulled by those in disfavor of Scottish Independence. Not all predictions were incorrect though, as Inverclyde did turn out to be the closest country being decided by only 84 votes in a county of more than 40,000 voters.

The last recorded polls before the election showed 51% of Scots were voting for independence and the other 49% were voting to remain in union with United Kingdom. Au contraire, the recorded polls preceding that went 52% in favor of the “Better Together” cause while the remainder was in favor of independence. The days proceeding this kept swaying back and forth between and “Yes” majority and “No” majority, which left little room for an accurate prediction.

One of the main men behind then Scottish campaign Alex Salmond, who many regarded as the leader of the campaign resigned from his post as leader of the Scottish National Party immediately upon hearing that Scotland had decided that it did not want to be independent. “The dream will never die”. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be for those who wanted Scottish Independence.




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