Quitting for the Better Good

Quitting for the Better Good

Gabriel S.

Dave’s Story

We hear it every day: lose weight, exercise, and go on a diet. Easier said than done. Life is hard for Dave Sullivan. Bullied as a kid over his weight, he continued the overconsumption of soda till his late 20s (twenties). The taste of soda amazed him from early on in his life; it was his nectar from the gods. Dave would always close his eyes when looking at a mirror, keeping himself from seeing what he was doing to his body. In his head, he was aware that he was going…?

Future at Hand

Growing up and growing in consumption, Dave had gone to three litres a day weighing 415 pounds. His life was difficult and harsh. His wife divorced him and depression tore him apart. Dave’s younger brother died from a heart attack at the age of 22 and that was the turning point. Heart disease runs in the family and Dave promised his brother to change that. Achieving the change wasn’t going to. His life was based on his daily doses of soda.

Emotional Times

Doctors suggested to Dave Sullivan to give up soda. Continuously consuming soda will put his life in danger. Dave felt like his life had lost all meaning. He was protective with his addiction. He knew he could not have both, losing weight and quitting soda and eventually Dave decided to give losing weight a shot. Giving up was hard for Dave. He felt miserable and no energy was expressed. Long days turned to brutal weeks but something strange happened. Dave did not miss his soda. Small changes can lead to bigger ones.

Achieving to achievement

Dave Sullivan saw a mountain both mentally and physically. Twenty years ago, Dave did not care what he was putting down his body. That was twenty years of hiding. He would have never climbed it because he knew that he would be back at square one. But today, Dave Sullivan climbed it. It was a long brutal and terrifying time but at the end, all that effort has paid off. Now that he had quit the soda, Dave wanted to do the things that he always wanted to do. One of those things was climbing a mountain. At the peak, Dave felt like he could achieve anything if he put his dedication and effort. Today, Dave is now a man who stands up to his shame.

So What?

Dave’s story is alike many other stories. They were once obese but they made a choice to prove to themselves that they will not be defined based on what others see. A simple choice is all it takes. Stand up and do not stop. It is your life and do not let your body judge you because you made bad choices. Start losing weight and show others who you really are.





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