Penguin Senses

penguins 2

The group of Emperor penguins slowly shift hunting grounds


         Scientists believe that certain breeds of penguins have the ability to sense when a glacier danger is abroad. After a long search using helicopters, satellites, and the primitive evidence of penguin poop, they were able to find a large group of Emperor penguins nesting at Mertz Glacier. These penguins have been settling at this same area for over 15 years altogether. Some of the Emperor penguins hunting areas do change sometimes from year to year or even month to month, but this breed of penguins stay in the same general area for most of their life span. This group of penguins’ mating, nesting, and fishing is all done the same area too.The pattern of their flock’s overall resting area has stayed on the Mertz Glacier since 1990’s.

          In 2010 almost all of the Emperor penguin population had made their way to completely different location in a matter of months. This strange and sudden change in the current pattern of events caused the scientists to be puzzled at what was going on. The scientists wondered why had a group of Emperor penguins who had lived in the same area for at least 15 years, moved away from their original territory so suddenly. Only a few months later the glacier collapsed and sunk into the depts. Of the ocean. The scientists were mystified by the Emperor penguins senses. Most scientists of that group have come to the conclusion that these penguins may have had an instinct to leave their area to a new one. Although most scientists are still puzzled by this recent turn in events, they continue to do more research with many other penguin breeds and in many other locations such as the Eastern and Western Colony.


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