Opportunity Knocks for Willing Students

Christopher V.

While summer jobs may be a fun way for students to earn some extra money in their spare time, positions are available all year for the adolescent population of the Calgary area. Weekend or after school jobs are becoming a relatively popular way to earn some extra money while in school, and for those who need it, is a way to build responsibility, experience, and skill in the workplace. Jobs around Calgary aren’t totally limited to Mcdonalds, either, there are definitely some desirable jobs to be found for the youth population. While the average student may not expect to gain a new job with little to no experience, this is not generally the case. For example, a student interested in working with mechanics can find a job at Mr. Lube, who are eager to hire new young employees to the workplace. They boast Competitive Wages, Flexible Hours, Scholarship Programs, Bonuses, Excellent Training,and many diverse Advancement Opportunities. For those not into the mechanical side of things, there are some very desirable opportunities for those into sports or cooking.CYEC

Calgary Flames are hosting a hiring event for their cooking/catering team with a huge variety of training positions including Concessions, Food Vendor, Fine Dining Server, Restaurant Greeter, Sales Associate, and much more. Morgan Kitchen, a grade nine student at Westmount, stated: “Wow, working for the Calgary Flames sounds like a great way to earn experience, that would look good on a resume!” However, if that’s still not your style, there are a few more relaxed positions available in Calgary, Like working in supply or manufacturing in Safeway Canada. Safeway is currently hosting a few presentations showing many possible positions. A part-time job is a great way to earn some extra money and build responsibility, and there are no shortages of possibilities in Calgary. All of these great possibilities are available to the youth population in Calgary, and you can learn much more at the City of Calgary Youth Employment Centre. Opportunity is knocking, all you have to do is take the risk and open the door.

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