IPhone Six and Six Plus Explode Into The Market

Nicholas G.

On September seventeenth, not even a month ago, Apple released its newest technological juggernauts to the market, the iPhone Six and Six-Plus. Stores in the UK, the first place the two phones were released to the public, that had the phones in stock were swamped with orders left and right. According to Horace Dediu of Asymco, records were broken for apple, as sales of the phones reached over three million in three days, while the pre-orders broke the massive four million mark in only a single day. The sales, as well as preorders, topped every other apple phone’s sales in the past, even the five s and five c sales. Yet Samsung may be falling behind, with its newest phone’s sales (Galaxy S Five) not even reaching the five-hundred thousand mark over 30 days.

iPhone Chart

There’s truth in the new iPhones’ slogan, “Bigger than Bigger”, as it is the largest phone apple has ever released, but that’s not the only new trick Apple had up its sleeve. The newest model comes equipped with 1334×750 screen resolution, while the plus version of the phone has a 1920×1080 resolution. The technology hasn’t been lacking either, as the iPhone six has up to fifty times faster CPU performance, as well as eighty-four times faster GPU performance. If that wasn’t enough, the phone even has a longer lasting battery, something that every hand-held phone user can appreciate, and even a touch sensor to keep your new phone away from being accessed by strangers.

Even though the phone made no less than a killing in its first three days of sales, some are unimpressed with the new iPhone. One of the main reasons some people complain is because of the “Bentgate” factor of the IPhone Six Plus. Bentgate was created when users complained about the iPhone Six plus bending in their pockets. Apple actually responded to these complaints to a website called TechCrunch, saying that only nine people out of the huge amount ones who have bought the phone have complained, and that it doesn’t usually happen normally, only when it is bent on purpose.

Through all this, is getting the new iPhone model really the best decision to make? Ben Piercy, a student attending Westmount Charter School, was interviewed regarding these new iPhones. “I think it’s kind of insane, I mean, it’s not much better than the last phone and it’s a lot more money”, Ben remarked after being asked about the huge sales the new phones made. When asked the question of whether Apple should continue making similar phones with a bit more technology each time, he responded: “From an economic standpoint it makes a lot of sense, they’re making a giant amount of money; but at the same time, it seems like it’s kind of, like, anyone who buys the new phones are not really getting anything that’s worth the amount of money they’re spending, if they already have one. I already have an iPhone five, and I think it’s like almost exactly the same, and it works just for everything I need it for, so, I don’t want to spend enough money on the new one.” Ben concluded. The iPhone six and six plus are in the market right now, the choice is up to you.


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