Five Free Must Have Apps

Bjorn F. R.


After the release of iOS 8, there is always that one person waving around their iPhone 6. Don’t you feel like they will always get you with their new toy? Well, now you can strike back by showing off these 5 needed apps.


  1. Weather Underground

This simple app will satisfy your needs, whether choosing a wardrobe, or planning a party. Unlike the default weather app that comes with the new iPhone, this app has a sleek layout, and it even has a little statement about the day. Even without the extra features, this app might just blow you away.

 Weather Underground

  1. Google Search

The name describes itself. Don’t bother whipping out safari anymore, or even the maps feature. This app can have a theme of your choice, and it can actually customize itself to where you live, and update you with those MLB scores. Like most Google applications, this app can link to your Google Account, so don’t worry about managing your calendar and your Google Search separately, because this app has got it all.

 Google Search

  1. Dragon Dictation

From Nuance, this application will blow your mind. Say something, anything, and this app will write it down. I said my first name, and it managed to spell it correctly. You can also export your notes. For example, if I say I am having the time of my life at Disneyland, add a quick #yoloswag, and you’ve got yourself an easy twitter post. This app is definitely number 1 or 2 on this list.

          Dragon Dictation

  1. Onavo Extend

This app saves you money. It compresses your data automatically so when you go over your data, you’re not actually spending extra money because of this app. Get used to the settings, because, sadly, there is no data compression when you stream videos. If you have a phone, you need this app. Hands down.

 Onavo Extend

  1. Snapchat

Last, but not least, is Snapchat. This app is well known across the world and is a great app to take photos and quickly send to your friends. If a photo is sent to you, you can only view it for up 10 seconds, so prepare to savour the photo. Oh, and if you think you’re smart and take a screenshot of the photo, don’t. The sender will see you took a screenshot of their photo, and you will ultimately make a fool of yourself.




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