Can the Expos return to the MLB?

Alejandro .B

Along with this news, there were also rumors that the Oakland Athletics were thinking of moving. The A’s are threatening to leave Oakland and go to Montreal or San Antonio if they do not get a 10 year lease extension on their stadium the Coliseum.

 And it’s not like the public doesn’t want baseball in Montreal. Not only does the fact that almost 100,000 people attended an exhibition game show that baseball in Montreal is not at all dead, but also there is a project dedicated to bringing back baseball to Montreal. The Montreal Baseball Project, founded by former player Warren Cromartie. The public wants Montreal to have an MLB team once again. Currently, there are 30 teams in the MLB. Montreal is the 15th largest market for a team, and the largest North American city without an MLB franchise. With 3.8 million people, the situation in Montreal is very similar to that of Minnesota and the Twins. The Montreal Baseball Project was presenting the fact that they should use the Twins as an example, because their population is similar and so is their climate.


Ever since the Expos moved to Washington and became the Washington Nationals, people have been dreaming of them making a return. It seems nowIt’s safe to say, that the city of Montreal, had one of the most famous sports teams in North America, the Expos. Even now, people still own and wear their Expos hats, jerseys and T-shirts. With this much interest for baseball, it almost seems stupid that the Montreal Expos have not made an MLB return yet. But, after 10 years since their last game in the MLB, there seems to be some hope for baseball fans in Montreal.


There is a rich history of baseball in Montreal, dating back to the Montreal Royals in 1897. In the 1940s, Montreal saw some of the best players in action, such as Roberto Clemente and Duke Snider. And when the Royals served as the Brooklyn Dodgers farm team, they saw Jackie Robinson in action. In 1969, the Expos became the first non-US MLB team. The first ever Canadian MLB team. They would play for a 36 seasons, and would see amazing players, even Hall of Famers, including Pedro Martinez and Vladimir Guerrero.


Just this past season, the Toronto Blue Jays played 2 games against the New York Mets, in Olympic Stadium, the Expos’ old stadium. It was a huge event, and drew in a crowd of 96, 350 total people, with 50,229 attending the second game. The Blue Jays won both games and this just showed that Montreal has not forgotten the sport of baseball. In the crowd, barely anyone was wearing a Toronto or New York Jersey. Instead, everyone was wearing their Expos jerseys.


MLB Commissioner Bud Selig was very impressed by the 2 exhibition games. He delightfully said “I think they would be an excellent candidate in the future. No question about it. That was very impressive,” The Montreal mayor was overjoyed that the news that they were being considered as a candidate for an MLB team.

more than ever, the stars are aligning, many things are going in Montreal’s favor, and the dream of the Expos playing once again, may become a reality, very soon.


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