Are you Drugged?

Are you drugged?

Gabriel S.

If you are taking it, you are also drinking it. Scientist has discovered small traces of drugs in our drinking water. These drugs include painkillers, hormones and even cocaine. If we are consuming these drugs, should society be worried about our drinking water? These small amounts of drugs will not harm humans in their current capacity but it’s a growing concern.

So where do these drugs come from? If we consume a painkiller, where does it go? Well of course it kills the pain but then you defecated and traces of the drug is now in the sewage. The sewage now goes into a river or a treatment plant where feces is broken down. The treatment plant does not remove harmful chemicals and drugs like the painkiller so it is now in rivers. Rivers moves to larger bodies of water that are taken from humans for consumption.

Intersex Fish

These drugs have been doing something harmful to the environment. It is changing how fish can reproduce. Scientist had found male fish carrying eggs. Thus putting many fish species endangered. The chemicals have interfered with the hormones of the fish changing how they reproduce. Unfortunately, the study for this is very minimal because it had just started to become an issue. Human health has not been detecting any concerns with the water we have been drinking.




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