Run for Terry fox

Maria O.
Be proud Westmount! As a result of your donations as of September 29th, we have raised $7979 for the Terry Fox Foundation– in grades five to twelve alone. With 1200 students, most in their various house colors, the field radiated with school spirit as Ms. Jansen started the run. The run was roughly 25 minutes, with two houses running on the track at the same time.terry fox After running, the students would trade places with two other houses waiting on the field on the inside of the running oval. Inside the track, each house worked on their team building skills by working together to spell out a word describing their house. Mr. Crooks, at the top of the timing shack, then took a picture of the completed word. Some of the more fortunate teams like yellow, got simple words like “spirit,” while others (like the black house) got more complex words such as “responsibility.” Once the participants finished the team building games, they were allowed to go play on the field next to the stadium, where teachers and students had set up face painting stations, small soccer games, banner decorating activities, and capture the flag. After everyone had completed the run, the students trudged back to school for lunch, where they could purchase food from the various food trucks in the parking lot. At the end of lunch, the high schoolers went back to their afternoon classes (with the exception of those permitted by their teachers) while the rest of the students went to the gym to see the head shaving. “The amount of enthusiasm in the students was outstanding!” exclaimed Sophia L, one of the many members of Westmount’s student council. “I hope that next year will be as successful as this one! Also, I would like to remind students that donations will still be accepted until Wednesday, October 15th.”




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