Need Help Organizing?

Jasper A.   2

Starting off a new school year is tough. Opening your old binder and pencil kit and letting the memories wash over you. There are a lot of things to think about before the start of school: what to wear, who your friends will be, but most of all, how you will keep all your school supplies, locker contents and work organized. Usually we start off the year all right, with all our supplies in the right places and our class outlines in the proper sections. A couple weeks in to the school year however, will prove that organization is key.

Organizing is difficult; it takes patience to put all our stuff in the right places repeatedly, and always hand in our assignments on time. A lot of the time the reason why we end up so unorganized is because we are either too lazy to put our stuff in their assigned places, or we simply don’t have enough room or an actual place to put it. Usually these situations end in frantic searching and late assignments.

Have you ever heard or said these phrases before?

“Where is that form I had to fill out?”

“Why can’t I find a pencil?”

“There’s no room in my locker anymore…”

“Teacher, may I have an extension? I can’t seem to find my project.”

All these situations are commonly found in our daily school life. There are many victims to this building problem, and more and more students every day have to return drearily home to their parents cold, steely gaze and explain why they lost 10-30% on their assignments or projects. We can stop this terrible problem with a few simple actions. Stop disorganization today!

Keep reading if you want to learn how to organize your homework, paper work and much more.


Paper Work Holder


This ‘Do It Yourself’ project is very simple to make.


  • Milk carton or thin cereal box
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Decorations (Optional)


  1. Take a finished milk carton or cereal box and draw with your marker the outline shown above on both of its sides. (If you are making this with a cereal box follow by using the same outline.)


  1. Once you have drawn out your outline with your marker. Take your scissors and cut carefully along the outline.


  1. Once you are finished cutting out the outline, discard the leftover scraps. You are finished! Feel free to decorate or make multiple paper holders to create a more creative setup.



     Keeping track of what is happening and what you have due each day is another important part of being organized. Having an agenda to record your assignments, field trips and important events is a really helpful tool. Most people have their agendas on their electronic devices to bring around school. A good idea is to also have a visual agenda for your work desk at home. The example above is on a white board so it’s easy to erase the assignments you have completed and start a new week.

I sincerely hope these tips have been useful, and you will use them to be organized in your school life.




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