ISIS: How a rogue extremist group turned into an Islamic state more powerful than any terrorist group to date.

In a recent poll conducted by CNN, two thirds of Americans considered ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) a major threat to the security to the nation. They have transformed from a rogue group of Muslim extremists to a serious threat to all non-militant Muslims in the Middle East. Their goal is to create an extremist state in western Iraq and eastern Syria. After many allegations of having planes, which they could use for terrorist acts; ISIS has not in fact launched any attacks outside of Syria or Iraq. The most damage they have done to the west was kill 2 American journalists and an English aid worker. A new coalition has been made between the UN, the EU, and the Arab league to defeat ISIS and restore the peace to the area. So far, only the Americans and Kurdish peshmagar militias have performed any military action against them, as most countries don’t want to become stuck in an unstable Iraq as the Americans were after disposing of saddam Hussein. However, ISIS does prove a very real threat to the west. Some people are reporting ISIS militants on the Texan border, some claiming as far as eight miles from El Paso, Texas. Most of these claims are likely untrue, but it is possible that some illegal aliens in the area may be aligned with ISIS and are in the US to carry out terrorist acts. Even Rick Perry, governor of Texas, mentioned the possibility during an interview with a KXAN news reporter. Even a New York man was recently arrested for financially aiding ISIS as well as recruiting young jihadists and attempted murder, as he was planning to go on a killing spree, shooting Iraq war veterans. Recent executions by ISIS of American and British prisoners has prompted much saber rattling and teeth gnashing by Joe Biden whereas Barack Obama has commented that he has “no strategy “ but recently updated this with a vague plan to attack the caliphate, though he plans to do it is unknown. Most Americans believe that Obama doesn’t have the skill, know-how or daring to take out ISIS, but they do believe he should do something. Even after George Bush’s Iraqi adventure, most Americans-and even westerners- don’t realize this could become a repeat of the last Iraq war, with the army unable to leave because of small scale attacks, and billions of tax dollars could be wasted on more years in Iraq. On the other hand, it is possible that this could bring some stability to the western part of the Middle East (Israel, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, etc.) and create a new independent Kurdistani state-something that Kurds have been dreaming of since Saddam Hussein’s time-And also solidify relations between the governments of the area, who are currently tense at best. We don’t know how the ISIS problem will end. But we do know that how it does determines the new face of the middle east.




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