Intelligence: IQ Test or Game Show?

Sunint B.

For years people have argued what intelligence truly means, and Jessi Cruickshank, the host of CBC’s new game show Canada’s Smartest Person, is out to prove that intelligence is more than IQ tests and exam results. This game show will pit 32 of Canada’s smartest people against each other for a variety of challenges. “The challenges we’re making these people do are kind of out of control,” expressed Cruickshank. The contests will have to do a variety of things, from an electronic dance challenge, to convincing a pewee hockey team to get inspired to win, and to have nuclear physicists socialize with models.

The show will premier next Sunday at 8 on CBC-TV.

The show will premier next Sunday at 8 on CBC-TV.

While some may argue that a dance challenge isn’t a measure of intelligence, the people who succeed in this game show will be the ones who aren’t just exceptionally gifted in one category, but are well rounded in a number of categories, such as linguistic, visual, musical, logical, social, and physical intelligence. It’s almost like Wipeout, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and American Idol combined. The competition type shows have clearly succeeded in the past, as this show will give a little something to everybody, and once is premiered, is something worth checking out. Undoubtedly, this show is an interesting way to measure smarts, and while it will be interesting, the show will hopefully also be a bundle of laughs, and based on what they have planned, it’s clear that this show will not fail to disappoint.


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