Ziana V.

Big Brother 16 Final 3: Derrick, Victoria and Cody


After ninety-seven crazy and entertaining days spent inside the Big Brother 16 house, a new winner has been crowned! The winner is…



This thirty year old undercover cop from Rhode Island took home a grand prize of 570, 000 dollars on September 24, 2014. Derrick spent his summer alongside a superstar’s stepbrother Frankie Grande, Ariana Grande’s older brother.

He also got to know Devin Shepherd, a spitting image of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Donny Thompson, a groundskeeper mistaken for ex-military also became one of Derrick’s close friends in the house.

Fans claim that Derrick deserved to win this season because he strategized his way to the end of the game. The game of Big Brother forces you to lie at times and Derrick did just that. This game is also about winning competitions and Derrick did that when he knew his neck was on the line.

This season had its fair share of drama, comedy and romance. One of the most memorable and unexpected showmances was Zach and Frankie also known as Zankie. One of the more controversial and inappropriate flirtmances was Christine and Cody. Nicole and Hayden made up the cutest and sweetest showmance of the summer, Nayden.

Derrick made it to the end of the game alongside fellow Hitmen alliance member Cody Calafiore. This made Victoria Rafaeli the ninth and final member of the jury who decides the winner of Big Brother.

Derrick ultimately won this reality game show with a 7-2 vote from the jury. When questioned about how he’s planning on using his winnings, he responded by saying, “ I had to play the game, but my wife is the boss in the house.”

After sixteen Head of Household competitions, thirteen Veto competitions and seven Battle of The Blocks, Big Brother 16 has sadly come to an end. After the season’s finale, fans learned that Big Brother had been renewed for two more seasons. So, what can we expect next summer?


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