More Than Just a Movie


By: Cal R.

With the Calgary International Film Festival underway, there’s no better time to discover unique films than now. From fascinating documentaries, dramatic movies, and humorous shorts, you’re bound to find these hidden gems at Calgary’s highly anticipated festival. But as you sit back and enjoy the show, know that film is more than what it seems.

“Make me laugh, make me cry, make me think. That’s what the power of film… the power of any art, does.”  Sebastian S, a filmmaker pursuing his passion here in Calgary, had brought an insight – not just to the film industry, but to film itself.

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Fast, Healthy Lunch Ideas That Are Anything But Boring

How To Enjoy What You Pack With Less Preparation

By: Maddy M

(Picture Credit:

It’s that time of year again, and both parents and students alike are dreading making school lunches. In order to get it over with, many people just throw together a sandwich day after day or don’t bother to make a lunch. Both of these solutions aren’t really solutions at all, so here are some fast, healthy and delicious lunch options  that you’ll look forward to eating.

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Grease Review


This play has ended but I would definitely grab tickets to another show by StoryBook theater. I found that it was very captivating and the actors did a marvelous job with their lines and felt they were the characters. They actors did a lot of character building and the writers did a great job with characters development through out the play. I found how they pieced the play together was extremely well done. I’m not going to compare to any other Grease show because this was my first time watching Grease and it was electrifying.

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The Blue Jays pitching their way to the playoffs

The Toronto Blue Jays are stuck in a race and are struggling to stay in it. They currently are in the wild card spot with Baltimore hot on their heels. Earlier this season the Jays were in the top of their division; the American League East. Lately though, they have been struggling to remain in playoff contention.

This season has been fairly successful for the Blue Jays. Their record is 87-70 currently. In pre season the coach said “This group looks different than previous years”. Through the 162 game season we have all been awaiting the postseason, and it’s almost here.

Last year, the Blue Jays beat the Texas Rangers but in the next round lost to the Kansas City Royals, the Royals went on to win the World Series. This year the Blue Jays are looking for more; that is if they can make it into the playoffs. The last day of the regular season is on October 2nd and we will have to wait until then to see if the Jays can pull through and get into the playoffs.

Now all we can do is cross our fingers and hope that the Toronto Blue Jays can pull through in this last week. If Jays fans are lucky maybe they’ll go on to win the World Series!