Red Rising


Trevor N.

A red tidal wave swept Canada on October 19th with the election of Justin Trudeau and his liberal party followed by the resignation of former prime minister Stephen Harper, Canadians everywhere where foolishly rejoicing the new change, but what is this change and how will Canadians be affected in the coming years. Continue reading

Cold Weather or Dry Weather?

By Nishant

Ooh, it is that time of the year: winter! YAY or NAY? I love summer and winter both, there are so many activities you can do in both seasons. Last year we had a very dry weather in Calgary, a nice surprise on Christmas Eve, sure I love both seasons, but with only summer it isn’t as fun as with both seasons. How about you would you like dry and warm weather or cold weather?

I love winter because of skiing, snowboarding, luge, bob sledding, tobogganing and watching Winter Olympics. Without a nice snowfall I can’t do any of them except for watching the Olympics, I love these extreme sport and dry weather would take that away from many of us who love the same types of sports. All I care about the snowfall, not the temperature outside. Continue reading

Is Notley a good idea for Alberta?

By Nishant

Okay before I start on my rant let me tell you I wholeheartedly vote for Conservative Party, this is probably because of the community I grew up in (Calgary Heritage), but this is not the point. Let us look at the facts, political cartoons and many other evidence to find out if Notley’s budget is good for the economy or have the voters made a big mistake in voting Notley in power. It has been about 200 days since PC lost their governance and NDP has taken the torch to make Alberta strive. Let’s look first at the budget plan that NDP has proposed: A lot of money is bei
ng handed out to a very unusual supporter, public service workers. The public sector is being well rewarded for currently supporting Notley’s extremist government.

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5 Great Ways to Entertain Your Friends

By Andy W.

The mid-term exams are coming soon which is why everyone is now planning things before countless weeks of studying. Friends are trying to hang out as much as possible before the terrors of finals. As we all know, sometimes things can get boring even with the people you enjoy having around the most so, i’m here to explain to you 5 extremely fun games in which everyone can participate in so that you have a great time. It’s better than having everyone sitting on their phones texting people that aren’t even there. These games will make sure that everyone is focused on the game and is totally engaged in the activity.

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The “Westmount” Syndrome

By: Griffin Naugler
Regardless of your age, at some point in your life, I’m sure that you have wondered what you wanted to be when you are older. It is commonly said to be a very Westmount thing to worry about your future. Whether it be from external pressures from parents or peers, or if it sparks from an overwhelming internal desire to plan out every part, regardless of its size, of your life. From my own power of observation, I’ve concluded that this is a rather quotidien occurrence. If you do, in fact, experience this pressure, chances are that you also experience the same pressure towards your grades as well as other equally beneficial activities like volunteering and school teams. You may feel trapped by this pressure thus causing anxiety and stress as well as the always omnipresent desire to not let the pressure enforcer down. (Even if it is yourself that you may let down).


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